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We are located in the historic part of downtown Pasadena. A city a of culture, arts and science, just 15 min north from downtown Los Angeles. 

SHEDULE A TIME: wooolfindustries@gmail.com OR (503) 740-6722
STUDIO ADDRESS: 804 East Green St. 505 Pasadena, CA 91101

Our Story

  • A product company delivering premium modern underwear for girls and boys around the world. We are inspired by modern folklore based on the nonsense of myths, facts of science and affordances of technology. Our undies are sought out by quality connoisseurs with demand for utility and pleasure.
  • Established in San Francisco in 2011, we've grown roots in Los Angeles in 2014. All our production is made-to-order locally. The best raw materials are handpicked for our styles which are developed, cut, and sewn in-house based on 15 years of experience in the industry.
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Our Experience



Founded by the California College of the Arts & Crafts MFA graduate and Product Design Director Shagane Barsegian Launey, whose passion for thoughtful design and vision to challenge industry standards pushed her to explore kid's basics. Trained in sportswear fashion to join the likes of Nike and Adidas, Shagane excelled to luxury market joining design teams at Marc Jacobs, New York and Burfitt, Paris. After completing graduate school studies in San Francisco on wearables, she's managed software design teams for global digital agencies, product design studios and technology start-ups. In her consulting practice, she's worked with global clients such as: Nike, HP, California Academy Of Sciences, Western Union, Eaton Vance, Logitech, Verizon, Men's Wearhouse, Degree, Goldman Sachs, Master Card, Taco Bell, Puma, & Stella McCartney.

Being a romantic maker at heart, who values eternal and beautiful craft, quality work that is indifferent to brand names or trends, her hands pulled her to continue experimenting in physical fields. When her kids were born, the playfulness and the humor of being with kids inspired the start of Wolf Industries. 

Fireside Chat

- What's fun?
Working in the studio. Doing proofs of concept that push away from the traditional notion of undergarments and pajamas. The energy of meeting new & seeing repeat customers at local events. Building relationships with retailers, suppliers, and other designers. Building the brand that inspires grown-ups as much as kids, Pixar (pre-Disney), Chronicle Books and RadioLab are my biggest inspiration for that.

- What's hard?
Sewing for long periods of time. Doing math in excel, I'm getting better at it.

- Why underwear?
It’s hard to find quality underwear and I dare say as a category of products it does not really exist. The quality and the aesthetic of basics on the market with licensed characters is not very authentic and extremely disposal.

- Dreams for 2017?
Nurturing more relationships with fans around the world. There are so many amazing places to see and people to meet. We took a family trip to Sweden, Finland and Estonia recently to discover so much creativity, culture and wonder. In terms of day to day operations, automation and efficiency to free up my time to be more responsive to fantastic ideas that come from customers.

- Your motto?
Live for pleasure, giggle with kids and line dry.